Dear brother and sister Sweeps,

     A new marketing tool now exits.  You can now hand out a perfect sized (6 x 9 x 50 pg.) professional looking book about chimney sweeping that can promote you as the local expert.  Your name will be on the front cover and your picture can be on the back cover.  You can also add a personal foreword of up to three hundred words.  In the back of the book their will tear outs with your company information.

     This book covers everything a homeowner needs to know about chimney sweeps and having their chimney serviced.  It starts with a brief history of sweeping followed by the basics of appliances and service companies. It then explains how to find a good local professional chimney sweep and what a good first impression should be.  The homeowner will get an insiders view of what a professional sweep does before, during, and after their chimney gets serviced.  Common repairs, preventative maintence, along with performance issues are all addressed.  The book closes with safety advise and ends with tear outs which will contain your business name, phone number, and web site.

          Some forms of advertising are seen or read once and then thrown out.  People do not throw out books, books get read and then passed around, relative to relative, friend to friend, and stranger to stranger.  This form of advertising is cheap enough to hand out free if you choose, or, it can be sold at any price you are comfortable with.  The suggested retail price is $14.95, and it is worth every penny,  your price is much much lower.  Actually, in each chapter there is a sentence written in special print to stand out, each of these sentences alone I believe is worth the price of the book to homeowners.

     If you want to be the first guy with your company name on the cover, a picture of you on the back, a 300 word (or less) foreword written by you, and if you want to be known as the local expert, place your order today.  Start placing your books where people will see them.  Waiting rooms are a great place to start.  Doctors, Dentists, auto repair shops, and hospitals all come to mind.  Notify your local paper, update your advertising, and tell your customers that you now offer a book on chimney sweeping.       

     This book can be read in less time than it takes to clean a chimney.  Almost every question a homeowner has will be answered in this book.  The need for cleanings, caps sales, waterproofing, and numerous other repairs are all explained.  Potential sales will already have been done for you.  At least, another notch in the belt will have a mark on it.  Request your free sample of the book today!             

     Be the first in your area!, be the local expert with a book!