How would you like to become "THE LOCAL EXPERT" chimney sweep in your area?

Have you ever thought of writing a short book answering every question your customer has ever asked?

A book containing:

1)      Your company name on the cover.

2)      A personal foreword with your company information. (Maximum 300 words)

3)      Tear-outs in the back with your company name, phone number and website information.

4)      A picture of you on the back cover.

          That book now exists!


Simply send us your info and we will have it printed for you.

You can sell it at full price, half price, or for what ever amount, even give it away to each customer.  Place them at local waiting rooms (Dentists, Doctors, Repair Shops, Hospitals,etc.) and any place you can think of.  Your local stove shop may even want to put them on the counter near their registers.  The list of places is endless. 

This type of advertising doesn't get thrown out like a news paper, it gets past around!!! 


In "A View from the Roof Top," Dale Ludwick guides homeowners through the sometimes mysterious process of hiring a chimney sweep.  He thoughtfully answers any question a homeowner might have about chimney maintenance, drawing on his extensive experience as a professional chimney sweep.

--Jim Gillam, Editor of The Chimney Sweep News (SNEWS)


"I wanted to tell you I finally read the book, I should have read it sooner.  What a great read.  I learned a lot and laughed along the way.  great job!!!"  Thanks! Pete, Hownowner,  New York

 "This is a great idea! Nice work... a great price,  I'll be ordering them." Thanks Randy, PA. chimney sweep