Would you like to have the peace of mind that your homes heating system is safe and your family can sleep peacefully tonight? Do you know how to find the right person to handle such an important aspect of your life and well-being? Maybe you already hired a chimney sweep and you would like to know if you got your monies worth? The opportunity to get the answers to those questions is right here in your hands.

My goal in this book is to take you through the entire process of having your heating system serviced. I want you to have a basic understanding of what your system is and how it works. You will also learn how to use and maintain it in a safe way. You need to know that it is as safe as it can be.

I have been servicing chimneys for over thirty-two years and have swept more than fifteen thousand chimneys. I will use that experience to give you an insider’s view of exactly what a professional chimney sweep does to prepare himself to service your system. You will learn what we are thinking, looking at, and listening for from the moment you call us till the moment we leave your driveway. I will share with you the real flavor of what it is like to be a chimney sweep.

In A View From The Roof Top, I have broken down a life time of information. The first part starts with a little history lesson of chimney sweeping and how I got started. The second part will lead you through the process of getting your system serviced from start to finish. In part three, I share some advice covering a number of topics.

When you’re finished with this book it will be time to call a chimney professional. Use the steps outlined in this book to make your experience with him or her fun and educational. Your homes security and your family’s health are at stake. Make that call and sleep with peace of mind tonight!